Industry Partners’ Holiday Cheer

Throughout the holiday season, Pedcor received holiday cheer via cards and gifts from our industry partners. We value each partnership that allows our business operations to run smoothly and provide outstanding apartment homes to every resident.

Pedcor’s partnerships are an extension and alignment with the mission and value of who we are. Affordable Housing is an important piece of what we do, but we don’t stop there. We give back to our communities through partnerships with many similarly-minded community organizations and non-profits including but not limited to the Inclusivity Institute’s Family Assistance Program, Coburn Place Safe Haven, United Fidelity Bank’s New Hope lending program, Feeding Neighbors, and 100 Black Men of America, Inc. The holiday season is a time to give back to communities, so going into 2022, we would like to recognize our long-time partnerships.

Pedcor Partnerships

Inclusivity Institute

In mid-2019, Pedcor has worked with the non-profit The Inclusivity Institute to help research, outreach, and collaborate to reduce racial and economic segregation in American housing markets. In early 2020, the Inclusivity Institute began envisioning an innovative new rental assistance model that would aim to address housing inequities and instability among low and moderate income renter households, taking direct action to help reduce our nation’s eviction crisis. By April 2020, those discussions led the way to development of the Family Assistance Program (FamAP). FamAP provides targeted rental assistance to households experiencing an emergency or short-term disruption to their income. Pedcor served 1,616 individuals through this program with an assistance total of $1,167,105.81.

A letter from Bruce Cordingley, President & CEO of Pedcor Companies and Chairman of Inclusivity Institute, is published on their website. A paragraph to highlight from the letter is, “Over my lifetime, I have seen the United States make progress toward becoming a more tolerant and inclusive society. I see the beginning of new conversations on race, gender and sexuality that are shining a light on the issues we still face. Progress continues, and I am hopeful. In my view, many Americans – and nearly all of the business leaders with whom I have personally come into contact—not only accept that equality of opportunity for all is the correct way to proceed but that a more inclusive society will also increase their access to talent and customers. As a result inclusive communities are a competitive necessity for any business or community that wants to succeed.”

Coburn Place Safe Haven

The mission of Coburn Place is to empower people impacted by intimate partner violence in the Greater Indianapolis area. Their vision is a world where every adult and child may live free from abuse, housed stably and safely, with adequate financial resources. Pedcor has been a long-time partner with Coburn Place Safe Haven. Pedcor partnered with the City of Indianapolis, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Development Corporation, HUD and others to make Coburn Place a reality at the behest of Mayor Goldsmith to address domestic violence. Our construction and property management teams provided Coburn Place with a rehabilitated facility and a sustainable model to provide stable housing for survivors. In 2021, Coburn Place celebrated 25 years of empowering survivors. To celebrate, Pedcor and Coburn renewed their relationship through an improved housing placement MOU that will assist Coburn’s growing housing initiatives.

Ever since, Pedcor has worked with the organization as one of their community partners, giving these survivors yet another opportunity to seek a stable home beyond Coburn in our apartment complexes while they are on their own unique journey to immediate and long-term safety, to emotional and social well-being, to self-sufficiency, and to permanent housing.

Feeding Neighbors

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 54 million people may face hunger in the U.S. during 2020, including more than 18 million children. Kevin Rider, owner of divvy at Carmel City Center, understands that hunger knows no boundaries, and that his restaurant can help make a difference locally. In early June 2020, he created a meal assistance program with Pedcor Companies and Northview Church to provide meals for Hamilton and Marion county residents severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to healthcare workers at the Hamilton County city’s hospitals. In addition to the funding provided by Affordable Housing Partners, Inc. (a local non-profit), both Pedcor and its affiliate, United Fidelity Bank, fsb, have been active contributors to Feeding Neighbors.

100 Black Men of America, Inc

The mission of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. is to improve the quality of life within our communities and enhance educational and economic opportunities for all African Americans.

Starting in 2017, Pedcor has donated both our money and time to the Indianapolis chapter of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. We have been active contributors to their Financial Literacy Program held at the University of Indianapolis, with our bankers teaching the next generation the tools necessary for financial stability.

United Fidelity Bank’s New Hope Program

In acknowledgement of the devastating history of redlining in the banking industry, in 2017 our affiliate, United Fidelity Bank, fsb., created a “greenlining” program called “New Hope” which counteracts the devastating effects of “redlining”. New Hope provides below market interest rate mortgage loans to individuals and families in low to moderate income communities and/or those with low to moderate incomes — just one way we are working to generate more equitable financing options for future homeowners and promote investment in low- and moderate-income communities.

What is redlining? The practice — once backed by the U.S. government — started in the 1930s and took place across the country. As a result, banks and other mortgage lenders commonly rejected loans for creditworthy borrowers based strictly on their race or where they lived. The term redlining is a nod to how lenders identified and referenced neighborhoods with a greater share of people deemed more likely to default on mortgage. Using red ink, lenders outlined on paper maps the parts of a city that were considered at high risk of default, as well as more desirable neighborhoods for approving a loan.

Pedcor Companies is a full-service development, construction, property management, banking and finance team committed to creating stable, inclusive, and quality rental housing across the nation. We are cultivating thriving communities. For more information, please visit our website.

Pedcor supports the federal fair housing act and all state and local laws prohibiting discrimination in housing with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, handicap, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT+) individuals. Pedcor is an equal opportunity provider and employer.